Season tubes and parking can be purchased through our website, or through third-party retailers. Their codes are also redeemed on your account through your guest portal (see How to redeem Pass of all Passes/Perks from a third-party retailer? for instructions on how to do that).

Things to keep in mind:

  • Season tubes/parking are added to the whole account, not to individual members within the account. This way any members within your account will have access to those tubes and parking.
  • You can have as many season tube/parking passes as you would like on your account.
  • Each season tube pass is equal to only one single tube.
  • Multiple season tube passes can be used at the rental area at once, and can be combined in a variety of ways to receive larger tubes. For example:
    • Three tube passes can be combined to get a triple tube, two passes for a double tube, and so forth.
    • Sizes
      • Triple tube = three single tubes, or one double and a single
      • Double tube = two single tubes
      • Single tube = one single tube
  • Each season parking pass is equal to only one vehicle, per lot, per day.