If you purchased online or from a third-party retailer, you would have received either an emailed "voucher" or a physical "ticket". These vouchers or tickets must be redeemed for a physical Pass of All Passes card. (You do not have a Pass of All Passes until you redeem your voucher or ticket to get one). Your voucher or ticket should have sufficient instructions written on them for redemption. (Some vouchers or tickets are redeemed in person at one of the Seven Peaks facilities.) 

Where to find your voucher code:

  • Living Social, City Deals / Super Saver
    • Is found on the voucher which is normally sent through an email after voucher was purchased. Usually in bolded lettering. Needs to be entered exactly as seen.
  • Groupon
    • Is found on the voucher under the words "GROUPON NUMBER", and contains lettering, numbers and dashes. (It is not the 7 to 8-digit code found beneath the bar code.) Needs to be entered exactly as seen (including the dashes).
      • If viewing on the phone, it will be in the middle somewhere.
      • If viewing a paper voucher, it will be on the bottom right corner.

How to renew voucher codes:

To begin, log into our guest portal, which is your way of viewing your account! If you've had passes before, good news! You already have an account. Just use the email associated with your account to log in. If this is your first time having a Pass of all Passes, click "Create Account". After logging in, follow these steps:

  1. Assure that everyone you want to renew/add passes for is under your account. (You can check this by clicking the "MEMBERSHIPS" tab, then "MEMBERSHIPS" from the drop down menu.) You will want to make sure everyone is on your account before redeeming any code. If you need to add any new members, hover over your profile icon for a minute, until the drop down menu appears. Then, click "MANAGE MEMBERS", and then "NEW MEMBER".

  2. Click the "VOUCHERS" tab, and it will pull up an empty box with a "REDEEM" button next to it. 
  • If the voucher code comes up with a response saying "Voucher _____ could not be found.", assure that you typed in the code correctly. If it still comes up invalid, it is possible that the voucher had a typo, or was used previously. Log into your account on the third-party's website, and see your code from there, and copy and paste the code into the box. If they are still invalid, give the third-party customer service a call (to make sure they did not provide an invalid code), and/or call our customer support (801-377-4386).
  • If the voucher code was valid, then a new part will pop up that will allow you to assign that pass to whichever member you would like. (This is where adding all family members before redemption comes in handy.) And you're all good to go!

Once you have submitted your online redemption, you can go to a Seven Peaks facility at your convenience and receive the actual printed Pass of All Passes card, or view them digitally through your account. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you already have a current Pass of All Passes, you will NOT lose any time! Your pass purchase starts either from 1) date of purchase or 2) the date from which your current pass expires.
  • The full 12 months that the Pass of all Passes is valid for starts the date that the voucher was purchased, not the date that the voucher was redeemed.
  • If you are wanting to redeem the voucher the same day you purchased it, please wait at least 24 hours for the code to be in our system and able to redeem properly. 
  • Redeeming vouchers before assuring everyone you want to add passes for is on your account will assign more than one Pass of all Passes onto your name. 
  • You may find on your voucher that there is an expiration date. Don't panic! That is NOT the expiration date of the Pass of All Passes. That is just the date by which we'd like you to "redeem" your voucher. The Pass of All Passes is indeed a 365 days of fun pass!
  • We do not mail passes to mailing addresses within the state of Utah.
  • If you are redeeming from groupon, be sure you are entering the groupon number, not the voucher number. It should look like this: LG-****-****-****-****.

Still having issues with redeeming?

No worries! You can email our support team at support@passofallpasses.com, call our support line at 801-377-4386, or just come into one of our locations and our employees will be there to assist you through the process! Just bring your printed vouchers with you or have them digitally on your phone in your email or otherwise, so that we can confirm your purchase!