"Vouchers": This is where you can redeem voucher codes that you purchased through us, or through third-party members. (To learn how to redeem your vouchers for passes, click here.)

If 1) the voucher is valid (meaning that it is being redeemed before its expiration date) and 2) we have uploaded the daily voucher codes into our system (please allow 24 hours after purchase for this to occur), your voucher will be electronically redeemed after redemption through our website.  Depending on the item purchased, there are different steps:

  • Guest Membership (Pass of all Passes and Transferable Pass of all Passes):
    • Enter the groupon number if the voucher was purchased through groupon (ie LG-****-****-****-****) or the voucher code if the voucher was purchased through city deals (ie 1254354954) 
    • Click redeem
    • After clicking "REDEEM", you will be presented with the guests on your account. (Be sure that every member desired is on your account by going to the "My Memberships" tab.) Select the guest to which you'd like that membership tied.
      • If it's giving you an error message, no worries! It likely means that it just hasn't been uploaded into our system yet! We upload three times a day, around 9 am, 1 pm, and 5 pm. If you've waited for the next voucher upload time and it's still giving you trouble, feel free to either call at 801-377-4386, or just come into one of our locations, and one of our attendants will be able to assist you.

  • Shared Memberships (Tubes, parking, and buddy passes):
    • Because shared memberships are shared across all guests on an account, you do not need to specify which guest will receive the shared membership. After clicking "REDEEM", the membership will automatically be added to your account.