The email address used to login to the guest portal is the email address you used to purchase the Pass of all passes, or a valid email address that you prefer. If you have had a Pass of All Passes for several years, it is likely the email address you provided the first time you purchased.

  1. If your email isn't working to log in the Guest Portal:
  • If you do not remember your email, try a variety of emails that may be associated with your account. If you have tried the various email addresses that could be tied to your account, and still haven’t received an email with password creation/reset instructions, you can:
    • Contact our customer service by phone (801-377-4386) or by creating a support ticket. (In the description field, please provide any information that may help us locate your account. This may be a card's bar code number, your first and last name, other members on your account, phone number, etc.)
    • Or come into our Lehi Fun Center to be helped in person.


The website has two separate logins for different activities. There is:

1) A login for the store (

2) And a login for the guest portal (

Unfortunately, the logins for these two activities are separate and distinct at this time and are not linked together. You are welcome to use the same email and password on each of these activities; however, updating the username and/or password on one activity will not result in an update across all of the activities. We are working hard to unify it all.